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Ride Designs

Ride Designs

Ride Designs – Tailored Seating for Exceptional Comfort

Allied Medical is proud to collaborate with Ride Designs, a company dedicated to transforming the lives of wheelchair users through innovative and highly effective seating solutions. Ride Designs combines clinical expertise and advanced engineering to create products that significantly enhance mobility and comfort.

Mission and Vision

Ride Designs is committed to improving the quality of life for wheelchair users by providing seating solutions that offer superior protection for skin and posture. Their vision encompasses a future where all wheelchair users can access seating systems that enhance their health, mobility, and comfort.

Core Principles
Since 1998, Ride Designs’ success stems from the commitment to a core set of principles.

  1. Wheelchair Seating Practice: Ride Designs enhances their products through real interactions with clients, ensuring they continually evolve to meet specific needs.

  2. Seating Theory: Their focus is on complete seating systems rather than individual components, aiming to enhance mobility and comfort while protecting the skin.

  3. Biomechanical Principles: Understanding that everyone's body is unique, Ride Designs tailors their seating solutions to fit individual shapes and support natural body dynamics.

  4. Customer Care: Ride Designs is dedicated to exceptional service, offering personalised care and ensuring their providers are expertly trained to deliver the best seating solutions.

These principles reflect Ride Designs' commitment to innovation and personalised care in developing wheelchair seating systems.

About Ride Designs

Founded by Joe Bieganek and Tom Hetzel, Ride Designs started with the Aspen Seating Clinic, initially focusing on complex cases that other products could not address. The success and innovations developed in the clinic led to the expansion of Ride Designs, bringing their specialised seating solutions to a global audience.

Meet the Team

At Ride Designs, the team is composed of experts from various fields including Orthotists, Prosthetists, Physical and Occupational Therapists. Their collective expertise drives the continuous improvement of products, ensuring they meet the diverse and demanding needs of users​.

Featured Ride Design Products

  Ride Designs Java Back RegularDesigned for optimal back support, the Java Back Regular provides enhanced postural control without compromising comfort.
Ride Designs Java CushionThis cushion offers superior pressure distribution and comfort, ideal for users seeking both stability and skin protection.
Ride Designs Java Cushion CAM Wedge Kit: An accessory for the Java Cushion, this wedge kit allows for customized adjustments to enhance seating angle and user stability.
Ride Designs Java Reticulated Foam Well Insert Kit: This kit includes specially designed inserts that fit into the Java Cushion to provide additional contouring and pressure relief.


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Looking Ahead As we continue our collaboration with Ride Designs, we are enthusiastic about the future and the ongoing innovations that will further enhance the lives of wheelchair users. Together, we are more than just suppliers; we are partners in mobility, dedicated to improving lives through exceptional seating solutions.