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Allied Medical has been the proud distributor of CTM products across Aotearoa since 2012, establishing a robust dealer network to enhance accessibility and mobility solutions for our community. CTM, established by Chien Ti Enterprise in 1987, began with a focus on children's ride-on toys and expanded into mobility aids, demonstrating a longstanding commitment to quality and innovation.

Quality and Service Above All

To ensure every single CTM product reaches their standard of quality, CTM follows a rigorous quality and service procedure, exceeding quality standard requirements. Each CTM product undergoes multiple inspections—from material receipt to post-production—to ensure every detail meets their high standards. Their commitment extends beyond the sale, with a strong focus on customer feedback and after-sales service to continually enhance our offerings. They also employ a comprehensive product tracing system to swiftly address and resolve any issues.

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Popular CTM Products

CTM HS-268 Folding Scooter
Ideal for travelers, this scooter boasts high portability, an automatic folding feature, and is designed for flexible use.
CTM HS-520 Mid Sized Scooter
Reliable and comfortable, built for everyday use.
CTM HS-2850 Mid-Wheel Powerchair
A robust, mid-size power scooter designed for enhanced stability and smooth rides, perfect for daily mobility.

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