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Sta-Rite Forehead Stabiliser

Sta-Rite Forehead Stabiliser

The Sta-Rite Forehead Stabiliser was created when a motor neurone client who could only keep his head in an upright position for short periods of time found that life was harder than it should be. 

Gel Ovations worked with this client to create the final product, the Sta-Rite Forehead Stabiliser, which provided the right combination of support and comfort. The first time the client used the finished product, he was able to be up in his powerchair for over six hours. This was life-changing.

When combined with 15 degrees of tilt or back angle opening, clients are able to keep their head upright. Because the adjustability of the pad position allows it to be placed right where it needs to be, it doesn’t need to be tightly pressed against the forehead creating a more comfortable experience.  

The pad is made of a dimensional silicone gel that mimics the softness of human fatty tissue. When pressed against skin, the pad moves with the head movements without shearing or pressure. When no longer needed, it is easily flipped back 180 degrees and is right out of the way.

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