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Low Water Benefits on the Firefly Splashy

Low Water Benefits on the Firefly Splashy

As Auckland is currently in a drought with plenty of water restrictions in place, we thought we'd share one great reason why the Firefly Splashy is economical and saves water.


Not only is the Splashy a fun piece of bathing equipment, but it also offers economical and environmental benefits. The Splashy sits low, which means less water is required to bath a child, therefore reducing water bills. It is especially great for those living on water tanks, and are trying to save water over the drier, summer months (or the current dry, Autumn months!). You can also lift and store the Splashy easily, so there’s no bulky equipment permanently sitting in the tub anymore.

"I work with a lot of families on tank water and they love how low the Splashy sits in the bath. They can bath the child with just a small amount of water unlike many other high sitting bath aids." 
Kelly Jackson, Business Territory Manager for Auckland and Northland

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With all of the features and benefits of Splashy, SplashyBIG opens up many more opportunities for 7-14 year olds who want to participate in fun activities with friends and family.

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