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Introducing the Bodypoint Dynamic Arm Support

Introducing the Bodypoint Dynamic Arm Support

A Breakthrough in Upper Extremity Care. When it comes to enhancing the quality of life for individuals with mobility challenges, innovation is key. One such innovation making waves in the field of assistive technology is the Bodypoint Dynamic Arm Support. Bodypoint say that the new Dynamic Arm Support has had the quickest uptake of any product they have launched to date.


This remarkable product is designed to revolutionise upper extremity care, offering an easy-to-use and anatomically correct arm support system.

Designed for Comfort and Effectiveness

The Dynamic Arm Support is engineered to provide optimal positioning for the elbow, forearm, and hand, making it a valuable intervention and prevention option for those recovering from upper extremity injuries or neurological events, such as strokes. Its key features aim to address three critical aspects of upper extremity care:

Preventing Contractures: By maintaining proper alignment and keeping the users hand in an open but dynamic position, the support helps slow the development of contractures, a common issue in individuals with limited mobility.

Alleviating Shoulder Pain: It reduces the strain on shoulder muscles, promoting comfort during daily activities.

Avoiding Shoulder Subluxation: The support system aids in preventing partial or complete shoulder dislocation, a painful condition often faced by wheelchair users.

Unique Features for Enhanced Functionality

The Bodypoint Dynamic Arm Support boasts several unique features that set it apart:

Quick-Release Mechanism: It's incredibly easy to attach and remove, ensuring convenience and safety during transfers.

Adjustable: The support is highly adjustable, offering a tailored solution for each user's needs.

Dynamic Movement: With a pivot mechanism providing 60° of rotation, the support stimulates proprioception, increases strength, and expands range of motion.

Flexible Hand Block: Designed to allow natural finger flexion while promoting a neutral hand position, this feature is a game-changer.

Optimal Shoulder Positioning: Soft and durable foam provides pressure distribution, reducing strain on shoulder muscles and enhancing proprioceptive input.

Forearm Pad: Adjustable in depth and angle, it ensures proper contact and positioning for maximum comfort.

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