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Servicing Your Mobility Scooter

Servicing Your Mobility Scooter

Summer is fast approaching, which means scooter owners will be getting their mobility scooters out of hiding for the drier months ahead. It's the perfect time to get a scooter service to ensure your scooter is safe to drive.

Your entire scooter will need to be checked and you can find a list of what needs to be checked below.

It is important to pay attention to the following:

  • Batteries need to be charged regularly to keep them working efficiently and can decay if unused throughout the winter. Check for any signs of corrosion and replace if present or battery is old and needing frequent charges.
  • Ensure the battery terminals and all plug connectors are firmly attached. If battery terminals are corroded they will need to be replaced.
  • Check the tyre air pressure. The recommended tyre pressure from CTM is 35PSI but you can also check the individual models manual.
  • Inspect the tyres for damage, the presence of foreign bodies, unusual wear and sufficient tread depth which should not drop below 1mm/0.04i.
  • Ensure all fasteners are present and secure. Replace any that are missing and tighten loose ones.
  • The scooter's seat should remove easily. If it doesn't, check the locking levers on the seat release mechanism are operating correctly. Clean the seat towers, but do not lubricate.
  • Make sure the scooter is always stored in a dry location and kept clean and dry to prevent rust.

Call your local dealer for advice on what to look for and book in a service with them to ensure your scooter is safe to ride throughout the summer.