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Quantum Edge 3 Stretto

Quantum Edge 3 Stretto

The Quantum Edge 3 Stretto is the most capable compact power base in New Zealand with an extremely narrow footprint for outstanding manoeuvrability. 



Although existing Quantum bases can accommodate paediatric and small seating, the narrow width of the Stretto offers easy manoeuvring, loved by both children and adults alike.

The Stretto comes standard with a USB charger port and front and rear LED fender lights - so users can see and be seen. The Stretto is available with 12.5” (31.75 cm) or 14” (35.56 cm) drive wheels and iLevel is standard at no additional cost when Lift and Tilt system is specified - with up to 12” of seat elevation at walking speed.

SRS Suspension

Consumers want suspension that addresses ride quality, performance and safety. SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) is made up of three coiled-over, gas-charged shocks that provide an ultra-smooth and quiet ride with superior shock absorption.

SRS can significantly reduce pain for clients due to the reduction in jolting forces directly below the user and the transmission of surface inconsistencies are significantly decreased allowing for better management of spasticity and tone.

Clinical Benefits from SRS

• Transmission of surface inconsistencies through the suspension to the user is significantly decreased. This allows for better management of spasticity and tone.

• For those clients who experience pain, it can significantly reduce their pain because in a MWD configuration the jolting forces are directly below the user.

• For those clients with balance challenges, it minimizes the displacement of the upper body, head and neck providing a greater sense of stability and less of a reliance on postural components.

• For clients who use alternative drive control systems or modified joystick handles, the ability to maintain contact with the drive control is significantly improved.


iLevel is a feature that can increase safety and quality of life for powerchair users. iLevel® (which comes standard with Lift and Tilt) allows for 12 inches of seat elevation - ideal for accessing cupboards and high spaces as well as interacting with others at home, work or in the community. iLevel improves daily functionality by allowing operation of the powerchair with the seat fully elevated, at speeds of up to 5.63 km/h.


The patented Extra Stability Technology® enhances safety for transfers, reaching, playing and numerous other daily activities.


  • Overall width of 20.75” (53 cm) with 12.5” drive wheels
    or 21.75"  (55.2 cm) with 14" drive wheels
  • Width adjustable TB3 seat pans 
  • Independent SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension)
  • iLevel standard with Lift and Tilt 
  • Fender lights and USB charger included
  • Toolless removal of the rear shroud with battery access door
  • Base made in America of imported and domestic parts.
    Assembled to specification in New Zealand.

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One of our Business Territory Managers will happily help you through the process of arranging a pre-quote for your client to support any application you may be making to arrange trial approval. Our team are also available to carry out demonstrations of the Edge 3 Stretto where that would be of benefit.