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Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Powerchair

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Powerchair

Powerchairs are the same as any other motorised vehicle, they need regular checks and maintenance along with cleaning and disinfecting to ensure optimal performance and safety for the end-user. With the current global pandemic, it more important than ever to keep your powerchair clean to help fight against the spread of germs.

We have put together easy to follow guidelines for cleaning your powerchair. These can also be adapted for other powered assistive technology such as mobility scooters. 

Colourful gloves


To Begin

  • Ensure you of whoever is cleaning the device is wearing personal protective equipment such as protective gloves and safety glasses or a facemask.
  • Turn the device off and remove the batteries.


  • Remove any large and obvious dirt or debris that is attached to the device with a soft brush or cloth.
  • Vacuum the seat cushion thoroughly and spot clean if necessary. 
  • Wipe down the seat base and frame of your powerchair with a soft, dry cloth - a microfibre cloth works well.
  • You can use a damp cloth to rub off stuck or resistant dirt but keep all moisture to a minimum as it can cause damage to the electronics. For this step do not use any abrasive cleaners, lubricants or chemicals - just water.
  • If you have the time, you can use a soft toothbrush to scrub tyre cleaner onto the tyres – an extra step that makes a huge difference!
  • Let the device completely dry.


Below is a quick checklist to make sure you're cleaning all the right places on your chair:

  • Joystick
  • Head controls
  • Mouth controls
  • Head rest
  • Arm rests
  • Side guards
  • Back of the wheelchair
  • Push handles

Now that the device is clean, it is time to disinfect it. Please note as stated above, liquids can cause damage to electronics so must be kept to a minimum. There are, however, times when you will need to disinfect your powerchair and in the current pandemic, these times are more frequent than ever.

  • A change of gloves may be required before disinfecting the device to prevent dirt or germs being transferred back to the device.
  • Using a clean cloth or wipe, with a disinfectant, wipe high touch areas (touched by the user or anyone else who may make contact with the powerchair) as well as any highly exposed areas. Avoid any area close to electronics that is not likely to be touched – this is to prevent any unnecessary liquid on the powerchair. Read the instructions on the label for how long the disinfectant must remain on before being wiped away in order to be effective.
  • Use a dry clean towel to wipe away any remaining dampness then leave the powerchair to air-dry entirely before using it.
  • If your device has a touch screen, you can also use a liquid glass cleaner to remove any smudges or smears before using.
  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly and return the battery to your powerchair then you are all done!

Note: For disinfecting equipment we use and recommend Viraclean by Whiteley Medical, however,  you can use any disinfectant that is antiviral and from a reputable brand. Make sure your disinfectant contains at least a 70% alcohol solution. Do not use baby wipes.