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Tom's Story

Tom's Story

When arranging Tom's new powerchair, his assessor and I discussed the various backs available that work with Quantum Powerchairs with TRU-Balance 3 Seating. Tom's chair needed to recline and some backs require additional drilling and customization before being attached which can delay the trial process. The ADI Q-Back is designed especially for use with powerchairs and slots onto the Quantum Synergy Power Recline units easily -  they can actually be used on any manual or powerchairs with standard backcanes also. When used with our synergy power recline units they sit flush and allow the built-in anti-shear in the power recline to be much more effective. The Q-Back with Active Contour for powered recline can also accommodate thoracic laterals which aids in trunk support and prevents straining and postural deterioration.

The other thing we needed to consider was the existing high-pressure areas of Tom's skin that can be easily irritated and has been a condition his carers have needed to monitor in the past. All ADI Backs come with patented Coolcore covers. Coolcore is a chemical-free, four-way stretch material that offers moisture-wicking, moisture-transportation, and moisture-evaporation properties. These features help to minimise skin irritation - ideal for Tom!

"The two things that made the ADI Q-Back an ideal solution were how easy it was to slot onto the Quantum recline powerchair and how the Coolcore Cover caused no irritation to Tom's existing skin condition - this was a key decider in this trial being successful!"


Once the trial began, Tom's family and carers did daily checks to ensure the back and powerchair weren't causing any skin irritation or additional discomfort. All feedback was positive and the trial was successful!

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*For privacy reasons, the client's name has been changed and please note the photo is not a photo of the person featured in the article.