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Q & A with Kendall

Q & A with Kendall

Three Years

Lower North Island (Wellington, Wairarapa, Manawatu, Whanganui)

Setting up a VIP2 tilt-in-space at a Dementia Care Home. We set up in a shared space, where music was playing and a number of the residents were dancing and singing, it was such a vibrant and uplifting environment! The client we were doing the set-up for was a little resistant at first, but once we had made all adjustments and had her seated correctly, we tried out the tilt. She immediately went to sleep - this was wonderful for the family to witness as she was extremely comfortable, well-supported and safe in her new chair.

I have many favourites but I'd have to say the Firefly Splashy! It's easy to adjust, and such a vibrant and 'friendly' product. I've had a number of occasions where siblings have wanted to also 'have a go' with the Splashy, and that to me is the very essence of inclusion.

Working with a client with MND who was very unsure about going into a powerchair, he was not keen and expressed that he feared it would make him feel 'more disabled'. Less than 10 minutes in the chair and he changed his mind completely - the independence it offered was immediate, and he took to the specialty controls very naturally and with confidence. The joy and pride felt by both this inspiring client and his partner, was palpable.

I started out as a Television Camera Operator with TVNZ, became a sole trader and supplemented my income by doing temp work (and acquiring new skills), eventually landing a Sales Coordinator role at Sony Computer Entertainment, and then Sony Music as an inbound sales rep. I moved to Melbourne and finally got out on the road with a record company specialising in the distribution of World music and have been on the road ever since! I was looking for the "WHY" when I came upon the existence of a TPS role with AML - it's a job that keeps me on my toes, I learn every single day and the reward of being part of a team that puts big smiles on faces and genuinely improves people's lives, is immeasurable.

When travelling home after set-ups in Whanganui, I can't resist stopping at Fordell, where there is a beautiful 'sample garden' of rose varieties. I always take the time to literally stop and smell the roses - I highly recommend it as a complete 'pick me up' - just beautiful!

I listen to a BBC podcast called Desert Island Discs where well-known personalities select 8 songs that connect to significant times in their lives, it's such an interesting insight into our shared human experience - and I've discovered a lot of new music this way!