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Mackie's Story

Mackie's Story

Our 6-year-old son Mackie is 2 weeks in with his Fidgetbum and has already slept 3 full nights through. A sentence I never thought I’d write!

We’re very fortunate that Mackie doesn’t suffer with any specific medical needs, but since he was 2 he has woken in the night and climbed in with us, and in 4 years, we haven’t resolved this. I am currently pregnant with Mackie’s new sibling, so it's FINALLY time that he stayed in his own bed all night.

Once we first said ‘no’ to him getting in our bed, he was waking 3 or 4 times, with a 5.a.m wake up - hence a exhausted, grumpy little boy (and parents) the next day. In the last fortnight, this has gone down to one wake a night, if that, and sometimes, a full night through until 6.30a.m.

It seems like Mackie is getting the comfort and re-assurance he once got from co-sleeping, from the Fidgetbum, which is just amazing.  We are so grateful to Mel and her brilliant product for making a good nights sleep a reality for all our family.

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