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Lynia's Story

Lynia's Story

After years of restricted mobility, Lynia welcomed the arrival of her new Edge 3 with TB4 seating, which she affectionately described as a "magic moon bus." With its ability to rotate, lift, and power through dozens of computerised options, the wheelchair was a gateway to greater independence for Lynia. However, the advanced technology initially intimidated her due to her unfamiliarity with computers.

With the unwavering support of a team of computer experts, a logical carer, and a grandmother known for her perseverance, Lynia began the process of acclimating to the wheelchair. The learning phase involved understanding how to back up and properly sit, a challenge compounded by her inability to see behind her or gauge her feet's placement without assistance.

Recognising these difficulties, the Allied team innovated by adding hand grips to the front legs of the wheelchair. This modification allowed Lynia to safely balance and maneuver into a comfortable seated position by herself, although it required significant effort and left her exhausted.

Each day, Lynia and her support team focused on perfecting her foot positioning and the necessary support behind her knees to stabilize her in the chair. Despite the challenges of disembarking from the chair due to its steep slope and the technical complexity, improvements were made to the design which allowed Lynia more autonomy, although she continued to need some supervision.

Lynia's journey with the powerchair also included learning to drive it at a controlled pace, particularly challenging in tight spaces where precision was crucial to avoid accidents—like the time she accidentally splintered a door frame.

Despite these setbacks, Lynia's confidence and ability to navigate both her home and the technology of the chair improved markedly. With the help of Peter, the computer analyst, she became increasingly confident in her capabilities. After three months of persistent effort and practice, Lynia began to venture beyond her immediate surroundings, progressively reclaiming her place in the community. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of adaptive technology, supported by a dedicated team and personal resilience.

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