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Kustom's Story

Kustom's Story

Charmaine, Kustom's Mum, shared her thoughts on Kustom's experience with the Leckey PAL Seat - a robust and colourful seat for children to use for added stability.


The PAL Seat is designed for children aged 1-12 and helps reduce fatigue allowing the child longer periods of concentration and fine motor activity.

What Allied Medical Product are you using and how long have you had it in your life?

My son Kustom is using the PAL seat. He has been using it for a few months now.

What is the difference that it makes in Kustom's daily life? Is there anything particularly special that this product helps Kustom to do?

Kustom is able to join his daycare friends at the activity table. His favourite activity is playing with play dough. It is wonderful to see him smiling and interacting with other children. He is making fantastic progress with his confidence and fine motor skills. His posture and balance have improved immensely.

Would you recommend this product and why?

The PAL seat is fantastic and highly recommended. It improves balance, coordination, muscle tone, concentration, and posture.

Please add any other comments, observations or stories you'd like to share - about anything!

My son loves his PAL seat 😁