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Alma's Story

Alma's Story

The all terrain Escape 5 Rollator has perfected the balance between lightness and strength. From indoors to outdoors, it's smooth handling every step of the way, and is ready to take on even the most challenging environments.

What Allied Medical Product are you using and how long have you had it in your life?

I have been using the Escape 5 Rollator for a few months now after a recent fall and hospital stay.

What is the difference that it makes in your daily life? Is there anything particularly special that this product helps you to do?

I have found my walker extremely useful to give me great confidence when on my feet as it is very lite and easy to manoeuvre.

Hannah delivered the rollator to her Grandmother and says "The handles were easy to adjust to the correct height and the brakes were easy to operate. We also got Grandma the bag to go with the rollator so as she recovered and got more confident, she could go for walks outside or shopping, and have somewhere to put her things".

"As Poppa is partially sighted, it was hard for him to help Grandma around the house and a cane wasn't giving her the support and balance she needed".

Would you recommend this product and why?

I would recommend the Escape 5 to any of my friends. A big thank you again for the fabulous service.